Anger Burning fanzine is dedicated to profiling artists of all genres across the UK and beyond.  We look at artists of all kinds, from drawing to merchandising and photography as well as bands of course. Starting off as a purely punk zine, it is now growing to accommodate other genres, with future issues planned to look at Metal, Post-Punk, Goth and Cover Bands.

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1 year ago

Solidarity with all our Polish sisters fighting in the streets against new abortion laws! Strajk Kobiet! #wypierdalać

1 year ago

Expect to hear more about No! soon

"brief explanation about NŌ"
NŌ is angry(but never forget funt) crusty hardcore punk band from Aichi.
We formed in the end of 2018(i believe).
We had been doing practice whenever we can as couple ... See more

1 year ago
Daiei Spray - Behind The Wall - Anger Burning

Review of the new DAIEI SPRAY album out now on Serial Bowl Records.

[Serial Bowl Records] From the frenetic album opener “Endure” to the mid-paced, calm-yourself-the-fuck-down-now closer of “Too Many Ordinary People”, you are taken on a sonic journey by DS ... See more

1 year ago

1000 Likes! Cheers to all you beautiful people out there!

1 year ago
Beat Combo - Kind Regards EP - Anger Burning

More Beat Combo tracks released on a new 4-track EP here:

[Serial Bowl Records] Hot on the heels of the recent release “Five Lost Songs” comes this one – missing a trick calling it “4 New Songs” and offering it as a double-bundle. Nonetheless, ... See more

1 year ago
Beat Combo - Five Lost Songs - Anger Burning

Beat Combo's new 5-track EP review now on the website - go check them out!

[Serial Bowl Records] From the ashes of Pre-Birds rose Beat Combo. Their recent offering already having been reviewed here, leads us to this new, download-only offering. The 5 tracks presented here ... See more

1 year ago
Hurtsfall - 12 Long Years

If you like Sisters of Mercy, you'll more than likely love these - Hurtsfall. Have a listen to their recent release 12 Long Years here:

Hurtsfall invite you to “Line your eyes and dance like the last 30 years never happened” to their new single. Available to stream, download or purchase from ...

1 year ago
Onlooker/Ballpeen split EP - Anger Burning

New review of Onlooker/Ballpeen split EP here:

[Serial Bowl Records – SBR027] Limited to 40 copies, the latest release from Serial Bowl is sure to sell out quickly, especially with SBR mainstays Onlooker and Ballpeen onboard. So, what do you ... See more

1 year ago
Anger Burning Issue 9 - July 2020 - Anger Burning

Issue 9 now online!

(A poet and not aware of the fact)

Issue 9: with its 36 pages of unusual/post-punk/goth bands. Main feature this time are the very likeable and highly unusual Anarchistwood. To download, simply click the picture below…

1 year ago

Issue 9 almost ready for release - just the final checks over the 'print' issue and then create the online version from it.
Issue 9 will be the penultimate zine in the series. I've decided to call ... See more

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