What is it all about?

Anger Burning started off as an idea around the time I reformed Decontrol in 2014. I wanted a way to tell people about the band but at the same time I thought why not expand that idea to cover all local bands? The idea took the form of the first Anger Burning zine and I covered basically all the bands I’d seen in recent times as well as back in the day, together with a relatively short ‘interview’ with Decontrol band members.

It proved to be popular, so I continued on to a second issue, getting legendary artist Skinny involved as interviewee and he kindly gave me a cover artwork to use… superb!

The zine has passed its fifth isue now and has guest writers and artists in every  issue and am now doing special focus pieces on different genres. The latest genre – ‘Metal’ – has just been released and I am currently working on the next isue, which with a bit of luck should be out before end of the year.