More News coming your way!

We have teamed up with Qabar, Extreme Music PR company, to bring you more news of extreme punk and metal from around the world.

Press releases will feature here, along with reviews of bands’ releases as and when we get them.

Qabar contacted us earlier in the week to ask if we’d be interested in promotional material for extreme metal and punk.

Of course, we said “yes” – why not indeed eh? It means that there will be a LOT more news on the site and it won’t be just site or issue updates.

It means that we’ll get news as it happens about bands you may not have heard of and might be interested in.

The quality of the releases are great and have lots of links etc in them, so you know where to go next if the news is of interest.

Exciting times ahead for us, for sure. Each post has social media sharing options on it, so feel free to share it amongst your friends too!

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