Forbidden Rites release long awaited debut album

FFO: Necrophobic, Dissection, Sacramentum, Mork Gryning, Old Man´s Child, Vinterland, Dawn, etc.

FORBIDDEN RITES is a black/death metal band, having members located in Mexico and Cyprus. The band was established in 1996 by Juan Carlos Martinez (Guitar), Raúl Campos (Guitar) and Hugo Olivos (drums) under a different name but they did not release anything officially till now. After 20 years of silence, the band decided to unleash the unconcluded chapter by creating new dark hymns of death. With the addition of Vlad Marin on vocals and bass, the lineup was fully completed. Forbidden Rites musically resembles early ‘90s Scandinavian black/death acts such as Necrophobic, Dissection, Sacramentum, Mork Gryning, Old Man´s Child, Vinterland, and Dawn. Lyrically, the band takes their nihilist black texts from the letters of Alonso Guzman (a well-known Mexican writer and a longtime friend of the band) and Sergio Campos.

FORBIDDEN RITES finally delivers the awaited debut album, Pantheon Arcanum, portraying the dark essence of the magic early ‘90s. Through demonic vocals, obscure and heavy sonic elements, alongside the help of some melodic passages that do not entomb the destructive and sharpened sound characteristic, they evoke the ancient rituals that have remained silent over the years.

The album was recorded in two different locations: drums were recorded at Steel Fortress Studio in Nicosia, Cyprus, and guitars, bass and vocals were recorded at Sound Village Studio in Toluca Mexico. Mastered in Germany by Andy Classen (Rotting Christ, Asphyx, Krisiun) at Stage One Studios in 2018. Art work by Riaj Gragoth at Luciferium War Graphics. The band features members of Xiuhtehcutli, Ardra Ill and Vomitile.

“Pantheon Arcanum” is set for release this November 07, 2018 on CD via GrimmDistribution.

1. Human Mortuary Landscapes
2. Reborn
3. Slavery Before the Soma
4. Judgement
5. Now that the Moon Illuminates the Remains
6. We Are Your Sinister
7. The Hope of the Abandoned Planet
8. The Defeat of Man by Man
9. Arcane Initiation


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