Meadows End re-issue “Sojourn”

Genre: Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal

Location: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

FFO: Amon Amarth, Ex Deo, Wolfheart, Septicflesh, etc.

Hailing from Örnsköldsvik, symphonic death metal band MEADOWS END started out in 1997 when a group of childhood friends, destined to yield music in the veins of Swedish melodic death metal forebearers, got together. Within their over-two decades of journey, the band underwent to many lineup changes, retaining only Jan Dahlberg (guitars) and Mats Helli (bass) from the original lineup. MEADOWS END have always worked as a six-piece act, but most recently they converted as a quintet.

Having released a couple of demos and mini albums, the band finally released their debut full length, entitled as Ode to Quietus, in 2010. The critically acclaimed second album “The Sufferwell” did not have to rest in the wait list for too long; it came out in 2014, a year after its antecedent EP “Devilspeed Loathekill”.

In 2015, Meadows End decided to revive their old concept songs from the demo era by re-recording and releasing them as a whole. This ended up in a 12 months of long release cycle on YouTube with one song being released each month. Later the band released the entire third album “Sojourn” as a unit. This release saw Meadows End to emphasize on orchestrated atmospheres, beautiful melodies and a heavy groove combined with aggressive vocals to create their own blend of today’s modern metal.

Meadows End have teamed up with Black Lion Records for the re-issue of “Sojourn” in digipak CD. The lyrics were rearranged and rewritten for this release to emove some unwanted elements and to make the best out of Johan’s excellent voice.

Comments the band:
“Sojourn is a woven tale based on the subjective concept of good and evil. Who and what is actually good? Search within yourself, would you truly consider yourself an ally of light and what does that mean to you?

The concept is portrayed through a fictive but complex tale where we follow a human through light and darkness as we know it. Through the efforts trying to find its way. Many parts and songs are actually quite detailed, some are left to imagination.”


Meadows End:

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