Krucyator Productions re-issues DRAWN AND QUARTERED debut “To Kill is Human” and demo “Proliferation of Disease”

Ever since signing Drawn and Quartered in its roster, Krucyator Productions has kept re-issuing the titles from the fearsome catalog of the band. After re-issuing two of the finest full lengths —Hail Infernal Darkness (on vinyl) and Feeding Hell’s Furnace (on cassette) — the French label has recently re-issued the debut album, To Kill Is Human, and the demo Proliferation of Disease. CD versions of both releases are available for sale from October 07, 2018. The 07th and most recent album, The One Who Lurks, released under the flag of Krucyator Productions in July, 2018, forged a complete pandemonium in the extreme metal scene.

Seattle based death metal harbinger DRAWN AND QUARTERED initially began life under the moniker of Plague Bearer (which is currently a side project of the guitarist Kelly) in 1992. A year after the creation, Plague Bearer started to breath fire under the formidable name Drawn and Quartered. Their prolific career consists of seven acclaimed full lengths and numerous EPs and demos.

In the late ‘90s, Drawn and Quartered stunned the underground death metal maniacs with their gruesome debut, To Kill is Human. The utterly-hideous-structured tracks of this album excelled most of their peers in terms of barbarity and song-writing capability. 19 years after its initial release, this masterwork finally sees its re-release this year on CD format.



Cover Art: Gabriel Byrne

Proliferation of Disease:
Originally released on tape format by the band themselves in 2016, later issued on CD by Vault of Dried Bones, the demo Proliferation of Disease is considered as the rawest offering from Drawn and Quartered to date. The 10 malicious tracks infused demo album is no less evil and ferocious than the works of any death metal forerunner.



Bundle (3X CDs) – The One Who Lurks + Proliferation of Disease + To Kill is Human:

Cover Art: Thomas “Necromaniac” Westphal

Drawn and Quartered is confirmed to perform at this year’s Asakusa Deathfest, Japan in the late October. They are also performing in other gigs to support the new album, The One Who Lurks, and the recently re-issued works from the back catalog.

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