Aeraco drop cover of Hendrix classic ‘FOXY LADY’ featuring Michael Angelo Batio

Chicago based heavy rockers Aeraco have released a new video covering the iconic Jimmy Hendrix song ‘Foxy Lady’ featuring notorious Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo Batio.

Combining their unique modern metal infusion with classical hard rock roots, this track delivers on scorching solos, heavy riffs, crushing grooves and powerful vocals that bring a new, fresh style to the 1967 iconic track.

“Trying to cover an iconic song by an amazing artist like Jimi is a lot to take on. We did our best to respect the original version while giving it our own modern twist. All in all, the experience was incredible for us as a band and a dream come true. Aeraco working with guitar legend Batio and a production master like Flemming on “Foxy Lady” was truly an honour. We hope everyone enjoys this one!” – Aeraco

“Working with Aeraco on their version of Foxy Lady was an incredible experience. They are a great, young band and their arrangement of this classic song is fantastic.” – Michael Angelo Batio

Meet The Band

  • Michael “Ace” Edward – Vocals
  • Bruce “Beast” Smith – Bass
  • Nickolas “Misfit” Albaracin – Drums
  • Matthew “Spidey” Flores – Guitar

With so many great bands out there today, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of rock fans everywhere. Aeraco’s award winning music, charting topping songs and powerful shows have continued to help make a name for the Chicago based rockers. Combining old school 80’s metal with newer modern influences, their twist on hard rock brings an interesting experience to the table. They’re not reinventing the wheel nor are they pioneering a subgenre of a subgenre. The band has kept it straightforward by simply focusing on putting out kick ass songs with catchy hooks and memorable riffs. Aeraco’s high energy shows, wild stage antics, comedic stage banter, guitar battles and constant barrage of powerful material quickly garnered them increasing attention all over the world.

Currently signed with Dark Star Records in association with MVD and Sony Music Entertainment, Aeraco continues to make itself into a household name by releasing self-produced music and playing concerts that show a relentless dedication to the craft. Their debut ‘All or Nothing’ helped garner the band the “Best Rock Entertainer” award from the Chicago Music Awards. Their sophomore release ‘Baptized by Fire’ hit the charts coming in at #6 Most Added in the Nation, #27 on Top 30 Loud Rock and #27 on Top 50 Metal Contraband while also hitting the radio overseas. They continue to work with world renowned musicians, Grammy Award winning engineers and some of the most experienced people in the industry to bring listeners great music. After four years of releasing music, they’re just getting started with plenty more to come.

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