Onlooker – EP1

Serial Bowl Records

Another release from Serial Bowl Records lands at ABHQ and what a disc. SBR always manage to find some fantastic bands in their repertoire and Onlooker are no exception.

Recorded live in the studio by the Teeside band, formed from members of various bands, one of whom have been featured here before – Jimmy Floyd Hasselband. This EP serves as a starter for the main course for a summer full-length affair and eagerly-awaited it will I am sure.

Tracks are:


A nice quick powerful song serves as the opener – up tempo and I’d guess a set opener (if not, it should be). In your face and unapologetic.


A bass-led tuneful dirge of a track here, super-fuzz fugazi attack going on here. Heads-down and wave it all about is name of the game here.

Rag Bone

Proper garage band sub-pop with mucho-echo vocals, storming stuff. Weirdly the riffing reminds me of early Misfits in places…

Elbow Drop Your Nana

Groovy. Psychedelic? Possibly, in places. Stomping and driving beat with great punishment of the cymbals (love it), reaches a great crescendo, finishing off the four-tracker well and truly.

Grab a digital download or CD here:

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