Born Shit Stirrers – Pure Shite

Serial Bowl Records – SBR 014

Newly-released on Serial Bowl Records, this CD comprises 62 tracks, compiled from the band’s 4 EP releases.

In a world where punk has become ‘safe’ with the likes of Rebellion-friendly bands knocking out tunes that celebrate all that punk once promised and yet ails to deliver to this day, Born Shit Stirrers take that once-dangerous atitude and shake it about like a rag doll, spitting it out towards a baying crowd and not giving two fucks about what people think.

Short, sharp and oh so sweet, Born Shit Stirrers deliver a relentless assault on the senses with such heartfelt and warm titles such as “I Hate Your Fucking Band”, “Fanny Grabber”, “Flakes And Arseholes” and the personal favourite “Cunt” which, being reminiscent of Wehrmacht’s “E”, just tickles the old funny bone. Marvellous stuff.

If there was some sort of need to try and describe what the Shit Stirrers sounded like, I’d go for “If Derek and Clive were transported by Marty McFly to 1985 and dropped into the punk scene and left to fester in a squat for a year”.

Weirdly tuneful and yet atonal at the same time, this is for fans of the mid 80s ‘Gumby Punk’ with the likes of Chaotic Dischord and Chaos UK delivered so well.

Yeah, it’s that good. Someone needs to get this bunch of miscreants over to the UK and sort out a proper tour, because it’s bands like this who just inject a good dose of what has been missing in the scene for far too long.

Grab it now, over at Serial Bowl Records’ Bandcamp:

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