Grammar Free in the UK – The Lockdown Letters

D & D Philpott

[Self Released]

It’s not often that I get around to reviewing books here. There’s always a plentiful supply to be fair and simply not enough time or motivation but when this latest tome from D&D Philpott came along, I simply had to act.

“Grammar Free in the UK” is an appropriate moniker for the collection of letters to bands, taking their lyrics and turning them into insightful yet tongue in cheek questions just begging for the artists to respond (in their own voices too) in a similar jovial fashion. Think of it like an insane edition of the BBC show “Points Of View.”

“Dear Chumbawamba” is a classic to these ears, with the response from Dunstan Bruce showing faux outrage and likening many an artist’s album or song title to about being in Billingham. Marvellous!

The “questioner” himself (hi Derek)  could well have been voiced by Peter Cooke, had he been alive – it has “Derek and Clive” feel to it for sure.

The Public Image Limited letter’s response in particular would have had me spitting out my coffee if caught by bad timing, with Mr Lydon being referred to as “Lord Johnny Fartpants of Islington.” Haha… classic.

There’s something in here for everybody, from the original 70s bands, through UK82, Anarcho, Oi, 90s to present day.

Grab yourself a hard copy or go for the digital download to get lots more bonus tracks and with a donation to charity with each book sold as an extra bonus – you’ll not be sorry.

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