Last Generation – Greatest Stakes = Greatest Say EP

Hailing from Derbyshire, UK, Last Generation are a new band that have just released their debut EP. With the age range of the members being a mere 13-17 years of age, it’s pretty fair to see they are the latest generation to hit the scene albeit the last generation for the planet if we don’t get our finger out in time, of course.

Having listened to “young bands” before – way back in the late 80s – the likes of Old Skull just make you cringe. Not so with Last Generation, where a great degree of musical competence is clearly displayed.

Onto the music itself and the title track opener stomps into action with its almost-funky breakouts during the verses, growling vocals top off the assault of this short and very sweet track.

Rebel For Life is up next keeping up the pace and aggression.

The Brexit Song sums up the anti brigade’s feeling towards the whole sorry mess really rather well and quite succinctly: “We’re living in a cesspit, I don’t want to exit!” – can’t say fairer than that.

Bird’s Nest closes the EP off with a great UK82 feel in parts and dare I say a little CRASS?

All-in-all, a great little release and the band seem to be out and about so try to catch them live if you can as you have heard the “last” of this particular generation!

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