Anord – A Symphony of Violence


It’s been while since Anord’s first release – the similarly-titled ‘An Opera of Violence’. During the time in between these two releases, a lot has occurred in the band’s ranks and as a result of that, they felt that a re-working of the songs was in order.

Gone are ‘The Butcher’s Apron’ and ‘Coalition Nation’, to be replaced by the very-much-D-
beating ‘Listen to the Screams’ and the two-paced ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ as well as ‘Go and Kill Yourself’ which has been a live set mainstay for some time now.

The remainder of their first release’s offerings are dusted off and are turned up a notch. With the band going from a two-guitar setup to one, as well a bit of musical chairs taking place to seat Sean as bass-player, ‘A Symphony of Violence’ shows the band in a strengthened position. The older songs, now given the new lineup’s musical direction mix, sound much better for it.

Anord play a game of trying to catch you unawares as you listen to their songs and the composition can go from a slow groove to an almost Chaos UK style melée at the drop of a hat. Simply put, this is not punk-by-numbers or indeed ‘heads-down-and-go-for-it’ in any shape or form and is worthy of a good few spins.

They have recently changed bassists and with the new lineup settling in, the wait for their tracks on the expected three-way split CD by them along with Frenetix and Decontrol should be something to behold, if this album is anything to go by.

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