Ceclilia – Restaurando El Metal CD

Hell Hath No Fury Records

Described as a “Queer band from London/Brazil/Spain/Mauritius trying to restore the metal”, Cecilia certainly restore the crossover back into the interface between punk and metal. Almost like Anti-System in places, mixed with that Death/Dark Angel thumping kick drum, it certainly delivers a punch.

From the opening track ‘Cecilia Gimenez’ to the epically-titled closer of ‘They Don’t Want Me To Be Happy, They Just Want Me To Be Quiet’, there’s no let up and it’s short sweet and just leaves you wanting more.

Get it from here: https://ceciliacrossover.bandcamp.com/album/restaurando-el-metal

Find out more about Cecilia here: https://www.facebook.com/ceciliacrossover

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