System of Hate – Unhallowed Sound – The Foresaken Remixes EP

The Barnsley based, “dark punk” lads are on the upward path, and clearly their star is in ascendance. Over the last couple of years they have steadily gained a reputation as being one of the best newer otfits on the scene. This is their second remix e.p. and explores the more dancey and industrial side of their sound. Sometimes dropping almost all the original instrumentation altogether. But leaving the vocals to carry the feel of the original versions. In same vein as the remix ep’s and albums by Nine Inch Nails, Prong, Killing Joke and a whole host of others. Here’s what you get on the 20 odd minutes long ep this time around.

Unhallowed Ground

Driving bass and almost disco beat bass drum, a pulsing keyboard loop that Pete Townswend would be proud of, haunting vocals reverb drenched like a powerful Hawkwind Sonic Attack, meets Youth remix of Killing Joke.

Apostle Of Pain

Killing Joke’s Pandemonium era being invoked in this re-imagining of the S O H track. Very cool choir sample replacing the original music for the most part. Almost all the original instruments are stripped away, leaving the keys and drum loop along with the sample hooks to drive song under the vocals.

Zealot’s Path

The driving bass line that under pins the original has been allowed to surge through a bit more, and a very cool saxophone hook reminds me of a Hazel O’Connor track, Say Goodnight I think it was. One of my favourite trax from the album, and this slight reworking does’nt deviate as much from the original to change my opinion at all.


Middle Eastern style call to prayer intro, fades in to a pulsing bass drum and very Nine Inch Nails style drum loops then replace the original pattern to great effect. The whole feel of this mix reminds me of the Prong remixes by Charlie Clouser. really cool, almost droning, sinister and malvolent……

Zealot’s Path (part 2)

The closing remix has echoes of Daniel Lanois remixes. Very ethereal and subtle music a bit like the Unforgetable Fire’s intro sort of anyway…… haunting and fragile, but the vocals come in to remind you there’s razor sharping teeth in there!

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