Buzzbomb – Sixty Miles of Bad Road


I’d not heard of Buzzbomb before their invite for me to review their latest offering.

In fact I wasn’t too sure what to expect, which in many ways is actually better when it comes to reviewing as it means their is no preconception of what to expect. Seeing that they’ve supported The Dickies, gives me a secure feeling that they’ve got to be good…

So, the album arrives and looks very professional. The cover, drawn by 200AD artist Patrick Goddard, is very striking to be honest. If it’s a metaphor for what is held inside, it’s most likely coincidental, but to be fair is actually a great choice.

Sixty Miles of Bad Road being their third album, could be considered the one where things really take off and from what I’ve heard here, it’s probably very much the case. I don’t know if Buzzbomb are trying hit ‘The Big Time’ at all, but this slice of punk, whilst not commercial, is most certainly catchy.

It has that American Punk thing going for it; not Bad Religion or indeed Green Day, but there is that upbeat kind of rhythym that is pretty catchy. Make no mistake, this is no Busted or McFly here – this is honest to goodness non-poseur punk.

So, to the tracks…

Blood and Whiskey – a rousing intro track, nicely-paced, not too fast but one to get people on the floor, indeed.

Graveland – slightly psychobilly perhaps – great track.

Bare Knuckle Truth – classic ‘Woahh’ backing vocals that have been done a million times before arguably, but here they fit nicely in what is. Could easily be a soundtrack to some great skateboarding.

Turnstile – whilst I’m no fan of The Clash, as this reminds me of them in parts, I don’t mind that at all.

Born To Lose – a great singalong chorus again. More street punk in style here, ditching the USA leanings and to me sounding all the better for it.

Existential Crisis – A departure here as the guys go almost d-beat on us in terms of pace. Almost. Fast indeed. My favourite track on the album.

Drift – A great chugging guitar intro, with a punchy underlining by drums and again I could detect elements of the likes of The Misfits here, whilst not being in any way derivative or of ‘worship’ aping. Class stuff.

Stray Bullets – the fast pace keeps going with this one. Great two-vocal chorus too.

Wreckage (of Yesterday) – Another slice of American garage punk here and it no shame at all – they do it so well.

Russian Roulette – the album closer and it’s a stormer. SingalongaBuzzbomb all the way. One for those who like to partake in the mosh pit…

All-in-all, this album’s a surprise to these ears who normally feast on D-Beat, Thrash and all in between. It’s fun, it’s honest and I’d say it’s definitely a stormer!

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