Weld – Your Future EP


Hailing from Stockton-on-Tees, Weld describe themselves as “Alternative noise/punk rock from Teesside”. It’s an accurate description, alright.

This EP is what I believe is their first. Surprising if so, as Weld have been going for some time now. A great band to see live if you can catch them and eager anticipation of hearing their recording filled me as I placed the CD into my laptop.

4 tracks are offered here, starting with “Cakewalk”, which reminds me, somewhat weirdly, of Voivod when they were at their most tuneful. In particular the chorus, with that guitar work going on… nothing wrong with a comparison like that in my books…

Next up is the title track and it’s a great song, taking me again back to the 90s and an almost dare I say Sub-Pop or Dischord label feel? Maybe I’m wrong, but I like what I hear, though.


“Get Ready” follows on and picks up the pace a tad, whilst maintain that groove Weld do so well…

“Thiomersal” closes the EP and is the heaviest track on offer here but by no means a cacophony as that’s not what Weld do…

All-in-all, a disc well worth seeking out – cheap as anything and a must-have if you get chance to witness them performing at a place near you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weareweld/

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