Natterers – Toxic Care 7″ EP

Serial Bowl Records – SBR002

(Co-released with Boss Tuneage – BTRC7-113)

A heavy dose of Dead Kennedys-in-places-influenced tracks here. Fast and furious with catchy tuneful guitar breaks.

Short and to-the-point songs, especially the second side’s opener ‘Numb’ which is super-fast and right up there with the likes of DK’s Nazi Punks Fuck Off in terms of aggression.

The last track reminds me of Police Truck at the beginning a litle but is in no way lazily-derivative or a DK-clone in any shapre or form.

The whole EP stands up as a great debut release and if they play in your area go see them as from what I hear of this, they should be something to behold in a live environment!

Grab yourself a copy over at Serial Bowl’s Bandcamp site:


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