Surgery Without Research – 2018 Promo CD

I was excited to review my first band cd as my life revolves around music. So when I got Surgery Without Research’s new 2018 demo to share my thoughts on, I was ecstatic. When I set it up on my trusty laptop and hit play, I was caught off guard. You see, I will be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of Oi! music. I’ve listened to many skinhead bands over the years and although some of the music is commendable, such as the 4 Skins and Last Resort, it’s not the music I’d fiend over at my local record store. Having said that, maybe I’m not the best person to rate this cd but I will give you an honest and fair review and let the haters hate.

The cd opens with a track entitled, ‘Jackbooting in the USA’. From the opening versus this song sounds like every other skinhead band I’ve ever listened to. The chorus is very reminiscent of the UK Subs song entitled Left for Dead. In fact, I found the majority of the tracks lack any originality and could be compared to many other bands in this category. On the plus side a couple songs standout such as ‘Pig Government’ and ‘We are the Punks’. Lyrically, they write catchy numbers with angst and fury. However, musically the band has a generic sound and could easily be confused with a number of other bands in this genre.

In all fairness, I listened to this demo seven times in hopes I would find something, any little thing that could change my opinion about it. The one redeeming point I could find in this release is that it makes for good beer drinking music and I could envision myself hoisting a few cold ones listening to this. Cheers!

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