Born Shit Stirrers – Depressed Father’s Club CD

Serial Bowl Records – SBR011

A departure from the usual politically and socially-aware bands, here. Simply scanning the titles alone on the back of CD make you smile . Coming at you like some sort of Chaotic Dischord-meets-Half Man Half Biscuit hybrid, there’s plenty on here to offend people I am sure. Tracks like ‘Pricks Against The Punx’ offer a tuneful release despite the title, quickly dispersed by ‘XL-Micro Penis’.

This a screaming, gumpy-punk response to a somewhat stale scene and while it may be considered odious, it’s the breath of fresh air for this reviewer. If you’re a fan of The Dickies, Chaotic Dischord and Spermbirds, then you’ll most likely love this. Even if this gutteral street punk style isn’t your favourite cuppa, give it a spin anyway – you may find you might just like it! Try the wonderfully singalong ‘Sign On Skin Up Chill Out’ first as an inoculation against what had gone before. Ha ha.

Despite what the track listing says, there’s actually 21 songs on offer here. Track 20 ‘Man’s Cum’  is a monlogue delivered in a sort of John Cleese style voice – presumably from a digruntled scenester, with the real last track coming after this – a long pause before a weird mish-mash of 5 minutes or so of mini songs – very strange indeed – I’ll call it ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’

All in a crazy bunch of songs, making you wonder if there are more releases out there to be had.

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