Pre-Birds/Ballpeen split 7″

Serial Bowl Records – SBR012

This is a perfect match for a split 7″. It’s not often you get two bands that have the ability to pull of a split release at all. Not the case here at all. Each band gets a shot at opening a side of the vinyl on offer.

Both sets of songs sound like they were part of the respective bands’ recording sessions for their previous release. This is no bad thing whatsoever, as it only assures the listener that they are not going to get anything too radical to deal with.

For Pre-Birds, you get ‘Wrecking Ball’ (my fave) and the marvellously off-the-wall ‘Average Pentathlete’ with that Voivod rhythm thing going on again – just love it!. Ballpeen delivers  the absolute storming ‘Armstrong’ and the very crunchy ‘Quiet Pill’.

If you’ve already got both bands’ EPs, then you will most certainly have to get this split to complete your collection. For 4 pounds plus postage, you can’t go wrong here.

The release also comes with a voucher enabling you to get the tracks in digital form over at Serial Bowl’s Bandcamp site.

Go get it – you’d be daft not to!

Get it here:


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