Śmierć – Godzina Pusta

Nikt Nic Nie Wie – NNNW189LP

This was sent on by the band member Kristoffer Holden Axiö and I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I’d heard a sample and thought it was pretty good, but sometimes that can lead you into a false sense of security when the full album lands.

Not so here – Godzina Pusta delivers a tuneful yet angry D-Beat (yes they are not mutually exclusive at all!). The lyric sheet (proper full-sized 12″ affair which is rare nowadays) gives you the lyrics in original lanaguage as well as an English overview for those unlucky not to read Polish (although the band are Stockholm-based).

Featuring members old and current from the likes of Abductee S.D., Clutches, Idiot Ikon, Stockholm Pigs and Imperial Leather. The band was formed in the spring of 2017 with the urge to play straight forward, yet melodic, d-beat orientated punk. Śmierć push out 9 tracks of high energy good old punk rock with that D-Beat drumming giving their sound a great kick in a tribute to/worship of 90s Polish Hardcore.

As an hommage to the heroes, such as Dezerter, Adam Zagajewski, Post Regiment, Homomilitia and Ewa Demarczyk, she picks parts from lyrics that blend well with the d-beat, the melodic guitars and the driving bass that is so characteristic for Śmierć.

Śmierć consists of:
Ninka – Vocals
Calle – Bass
Sumo – Drums
Krisse – Guitar

Ninka, with her long time interest in the Polish punk scene, introduced the idea of singing in Polish. Being such a long time big fan of Polish punk, and not having the Polish language as her own, Ninka still wants the lyrics to sound Polish and be, as far as possible, correct.

The fact that it’s sung in Polish does not diminish in any way the delivery of the songs to a non-Polish audience. This is one great slab of music that everyone should give their ears an exposure to at least once… you may find that you’re hooked upon listening!

The album itself comes in CD or one of two vinyl variants – regular and heavy – with the latter being very low stock as this is written.

Just remember, people, that this release is played on 45RPM if you get the vinyl and not 33RPM as you might expect! For a brief moment I did get the impression it was some really dirge-like release until I changed the speed up, haha.

Get it here: https://nnnw.bandcamp.com/album/godzina-pusta

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