Electro Punx – Choose Your Poison


From the alter ego of Sanction This’ Adda, comes a nifty self-released album of alternative punk. I say ‘alternative’ but in some cases what you’ll find is that you’re transported way back the 1980s and end up listening to some pretty super atmospheric anarcho.

The intro of warfare, crossfades into a riff that would fit nicely in Celtic Frost’s repertoire, as we head into ‘War For Peace’… it soon escalates into a crusty chorus a la Hellbastard in their Heading For Internal Darkness days.

‘Hell Raising Legend is a tribute to Lemmy and Adda even gets his growling vocal technique off perfectly here. Marvellous stuff – “That’s the way I like, baby!” Whilst ‘Technol Freak’ is what some may call ‘classic’ anarcho in many ways, it still sounds fresh – maybe it’s the production that brings it out to the present day.

‘Hell On Earth’ has that classic anarcho vibe going on, but to be fair, this could just as easily be Anarchistwood performing the track, it’s that current. ‘Mass Freedom’ gets its groove on with a nod to reggae even, mixed with a bit of doom for good measure.

‘Resist’ reminds me of Sanction This in some ways, without the raw brutality, but you can see that style persisting through to Adda’s current band for sure. Great stuff! ‘Numbers Up’ has that industrial vibe going and whilst not full-on Juratory, it’s all good to the ears of this reviewer. ‘Whats Eating You’ starts with the almost mandatory film intro that was so prevalent in the 80s/90s, but does not descend into brutal hardcore. No, it’s a horror take on the anarcho sound, almost gothic in style.

As the electronica of ‘In Your Hands’ gives way to the upbeat, almost-poppunk-meets-Chumbawamba sound of ‘Feel Good Factor’, it’s obvious to anyone that this is no formulaic album and its eclectic mix of songs is very refreshing, leaving us with just two more tracks to savour. ‘Sick and Twisted’ takes us back to that crust-laden 80s sound (nothing wrong with that, I tell you) and finally the extended mix of ‘Wasted’ closes the album off, with more crust riffage and the ever-so-catchy chorus.

I’d heard of Electro Punx way back when I started thinking about doing Anger Burning issue 1 and had no idea of what sound it would be. Now, after some 2 years or so, I eventually get a copy from Bandcamp and must say that this should get a physical release on a label! Try it, you might just like it!

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