Extinction of Mankind – Storm of Resentment


Like Hellkrusher, EOM are another band that aren’t known for regular releases. Indeed they both shared a common link of guiatrist Scoot.

If you like a bit of metal mixed in with your punk, then Storm of Resentment is going to please you… a lot! From the
opening of ‘Cash Cow’ with its barrage of chainsaw attack riffage and brutal bellowing from Ste, to the slow grind of the closer ‘Believers of their Lies’, Storm of Resentment never fails to entertain.

‘Engage The Enemy’ is another frenetically-charged opus that really attacks you. With its catchy refrain, it’s going to be a classic for sure. There’s elements of Motorhead in there and EOM make no bones about it, but for me the stand-out band that comes to mind in terms of inspiration/worship here, is that of Anti-Cimex. One listen to either ‘Lifeless and Pathetic’ and ‘Dead Parade’ illustrates this perfectly.

Then there’s the title track… the sheer crustiness of this makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up… and the onslaught doesn’t let up as the rest of the album progresses. Track after of track of pure metal-punk genius.

A one to watch out for, that’s for sure!

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