Daiei Spray – Behind The Wall

[Serial Bowl Records]

From the frenetic album opener “Endure” to the mid-paced, calm-yourself-the-fuck-down-now closer of “Too Many Ordinary People”, you are taken on a sonic journey by DS that carries on from their first leg that was “Isn’t Brazing”. The Dag-Nastiness continues very much so in this album.

Featuring a range of tempos, cranking it up full circle pit with “Distorted” and bringing you back down to breathe on the adjacent track “Annoyance”, all lovingly and exuberantly kept in time by the very enthusiatic drummer (does he have time to breathe?), filling in any spare gaps with superb fills.

Even the avant garde track “Garam M” just seems to fit in with the overall portait DS want to paint us. For this reviewer the slightly latter-day Dickies-sounding verse of “Clap On The Ground” is a stand-out track.

Beautifully mixed and mastered, it’s crystal clear as you’d expect it to be with music of this genre.

Overall, a superb follow-up to the mini-album and one not to be missed if you like your hardcore tuneful and spiked with a handful of fist-pumping anger.

Get it here: https://serialbowlrecords.bandcamp.com/album/behind-the-wall

More about Daiei Spray here: https://www.facebook.com/DAIEISPRAY


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