Zero Negative – Skate. Kill. Destroy

Serial Bowl Records


So it’s come at last. After a false start earlier in the year, which resulted in the scrapping of a complete album already recorded, the band re-recorded it all and this time it’s for real.

The title track opens up and a great build up intro lets slip into some great riffage. Sounding like some sort of bastard son of crossover Suicidal Tendencies, it punches you firmly in the face.

If you’ve heard or got the band’s first 2 EPs, then there’s stuff on here you’ll be familiar with, but make no mistake: the band have grown and have honed their sound and the delivery of songs so that they cut you down very easily.

A typical example of this is “Control” – a track very familiar to the earlier EPs indeed but the execution takes it that one step further.

Carrying on the tradition from their earlier EPs, there are a few soundbites used to illustrate the track and they fit in well, providing at the same time a guessing game as to where they were taken from.

“Hate” for whatever reason is pretty reminiscent of Minor Threat to me and is very short and very, very sweet!

“What Am I Supposed To Do?” is a great medium-paced number that would give anyone at their concerts time to breathe while still being very much active.

“Hell To Pay” gets the pace moving up a notch or two with its heads-down hardcore interspersed with a slow mosh immense decay ending in a soundbite featuring Joe Pesci telling us how it is.

The closer “Revenge” is nice little ditty about the lack of respect for the country’s police force… scratch that, it’s a nihilistic cop-basher bringing down the album to a satisfying ending.

Whatever the reason was for the scrapping of the first version of the album, be very well assured that this version is very much the canonical version and it certainly kills and destroys!

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