Mr Strange – WTF?!

Having received this out of the blue over at the Anger Burning inbox, the idea of reviewing “electronica” seemed daunting at first. Not being a huge fan but always open to any form of music, this might have pushed the boundary even to these eclectic music collector’s ears.

In all honesty, I shouldn’t have had any worries… this trio of electro-rockers from the Isle of Wight have pushed out some cracking work here.

The opener track “Wonderful World of Weird” delivers you into an alternative world that whisks you away without as much of a hint of any soporific substance. Very much in the wacky vein of Mr Bungle with a hint of Faith No More, catchy as fuck as it bashes out that circus-like stomp.

WTF can best described as Electronica given a jolt of 1.21 gigaWatts, sending it spinning into an alternative world where the goth genre meets the likes of Butthole Surfers, Jello Biafra, B-52s and Blur, all mashed into the extraordinary, eclectic and at times bizarre compositions that Mr. Strange have concocted. Lovely stuff!

As this is a compilation album it serves as a good taster for their previous five (count them, five!) albums already released. In addition you get the absolute stomper of a cover of Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive as a hook if you’re already a fan and have their output already.

Give it a listen – you might just like it! CD available from the band’s Big Cartel store.







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