Daiei Spray – Isn’t Brazing CD

Serial Bowl Records – SBR013

Hailing from Japan, these guys have released this, their debut mini-album CD via Serial Bowl Records, who are well-known for their promotion of the tuneful hardcore scene.

I went thru a phase of listening to the likes of 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty, Bad Dress Sense, Stupids etc and this to me takes right back there to that time around 1988-90.

What you get here are 7 tracks of that “get up off your arse and jump around” sound that the old school hardcore gives you when you listen to it. You can almost see the circle pits and stage diving happening as they play out.

Nice touch is to see both the English and Japaense lyrics in the booklet.

Definitely having that Dag Nasty feel, these songs come at you hard and fast, averaging 3 minutes apiece. They should be a force to behold live if you ever lucky enough to get a chance to see them.

Grab a copy over at Serial Bowl Records’ Bandcamp: https://serialbowlrecords.bandcamp.com/album/daiei-spray-isnt-brazing

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