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Tuneful, back to basic and aggressive punk rock belted out by Derry’s own No Collusion, who appear to be very much a bunch of young (dare I say Angelic) upstarts. In a time when we see that punk is for the over-40s generally, played to ever-dwindling crowds, we must think again when we see acts like this come along. A new breed is waxing and itching to take over where to the old school left off.

Listening to this takes you right back to the 70s indeed. Very much in the vein of SLF, take their cue from their situation and the hear-and-now in a juxtaposition of using a genre that could easily be their grandads.This is very much a genre of music dug up by the next generation and given a spit [sic] and polish to bring it up to its 1970s lustre again.

Medium-paced throughout, this is no speed-fest but the power is there and I’m sure that in a live situation the lads belt these out with great gusto.

Just the four tracks on offer, but I am sure they will be cranking out a full-length album at some point… hurry up!

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