Anti-Social – We The People EP

Serial Bowl Records


A new EP by the most incorrectly-named band. They are anything BUT anti-social as I found out when chatting to them last year at The Musuem Vaults and indeed this year at The Black Bull.

As the opening titular track starts off with a Trump crowd chanting “Build That Wall”, the songs breaks in with a slow build up reaching that classic stop-start into the song itself, which is a great, medium-fast paced hardcore belter.

Next track up “Tomorrow Never Ends” keeps up the skate-mosh-dance rhythm going. Great vocals on the chorus, too.

“My Girl” is not your usual love song for sure, with its almost-Nineties-buddy movie feel, making you think this could easily fit in the soundtrack album of the likes of American Pie etc. Pop? Nope. Tuneful? For sure!

The closer “Confession” keeps the pace that kicked this all off going to the very end. Driving bass and a great vocal cresendo, cutting very quickly to catch out even the most attentive DJ.

All-in-all, a great release and as they are on tour in the UK at the time of writing, make sure you catch them if you can as you’ll be missing out otherwise.

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