System Of Slaves – s/t EP

[Self Released]

From their EPK, Cardiff’s System Of Slaves describe themselves as “an amalgamation of Hardcore, Crust, Metal, and Punk” and that’s a pretty apt description. What we get here are four tracks which offer up almost 11 minutes of music.

The opener, “Obsession” has an eerie, almost 1908s sci-fi/horror intro which seques into the main song, grooving away with a very reminiscent-of-Burning-Flag feel to it. This is storming stuff indeed.

“Chaos and Order” ramps up the anarchopunk/metal mix and the timing change into the chorus with great backing vocals makes for a short but ever so sweet track.

“Breakoff” again has that Burning Flag thing going on with the alternating vocal attack, joining up for the chorus. Lovely stuf.

“Renegade” closes proceedings and has that classic (if there’s such a thing) anarcho intro/build up before it goes all-out with a wall of sound that isn’t thrash by any means but you can just visualise the mosh pit in your head with people going nuts.

Originally planned to be a 7″, these tracks are most likely going to see light of day as a full release at some point when normailty returns. Until then, pop over to their Bandcamp page and get downloading!

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