What Did You Expect? – Alive & Unplugged EP


The latest release from the one-man tour-de-force that is WDYExpect is a collection of 7 (or is that 8 with the hidden track?) songs played on classical guitar and no backing whatsoever. Described as politically inclined, socially awkward, and lyrically explicit punk rock, this is certainly the case with this new offering.

What you get here are tuneful, happy-yet-angry, almost-Americana-inspired vitriol. Yes, it’s catchy and would be a great surprise for people  if played down any Underground station in a busker type way.

With tracks like the opener “Boris, You’re A Piece Of Shit!” you know exactly what to expect going forward.

Well worth checking out on its release date of 1st of October.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WDYExpect



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