Breakup Haircut – What Did You Expect I Got It Off The Internet CD

Hell Hath No Fury Records

Described as Lo-Fi Indie Punk and hailing from London, Breakup Haircut get the award for the one of the longest release titles I’ve had to review in recent times. Nicely-done throwback to good old Windows 95 as a cover, this 5-track EP features some great tunes and I’d prefer to call New Wave and that’s OK by me.

The contradictory opener is a great ditty with a lovely rhythmic bassline and a catchy as hell chorus. Followed by the almost-Blondie-like ‘Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin?’ which is another great track and just as catchy. The pace comes down for ‘Kim Pine’- with its haunting undertones. ‘Mystery Inc’ picks up the pace with a nod to good old Scooby Doo and a quasi-Goth feel. The closer ‘Mum, I Want To Be A Greaser’ could easily be an out-take from the Rocky Picture Show (and sung by Columbia) – great stuff and nice ending to a delightful EP.

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