Brazen Hussy – Not All Men CD

Hell Hath No Fury Records

Another CD EP from HHNF Records here and this one is another classic. An eclectic mix of garage-band tunes is on offer, from the mid-to-fast-paced opener of ‘Born To Flooze’ to the Emo-riffic closer of ‘What’s Unsaid Is Left Unheard’.

Vocally, you get an real angry and shouty style of vocal attack, interspersed with tuneful asides, which show a nice range, rather than just all-out agression. Very old-school, which in itself is no bad thing and definite foot tapper songs or even mild mosh-pit jump-abouts.

Having got support slots for the likes of Anarchistwood, you get a feel straight away of their style and attitude. Give them a spin – you never know, you might just like them!

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