Born Shit Stirrers – I Didn’t Puke

Serial Bowl Records

Week 2 of Serial Bowl’s charity song releases and it’s a track from Born Shit Stirrers.  Having had the pleasure of reviewing the Stirrers’ albums Pure Shite and Depressed Fathers’ Club, I was looking forward to this one.

What’s on offer here is about a minute of raucous, straightforward but not formulaic and yet incredibly catchy tuneage, punctuated by a quarter-minute coda of someone suffering from a bout of extreme hurling. Nothing surprising from these next-gen Chaos UK-ers at all – indeed it’d be disappointing if they were any other way!

For the princely sum of one whole British Pound, you get to download the track from Bandcamp and add it to your mp3 player of choice or burn it to CD if that floats your boat better and in the process, help out two great causes. All the proceeds go to to St Aidan’s Kitchen and Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen.

More about Born Shit Stirrers here:

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