Jaded Eyes – Call of the Void

Serial Bowl Records

It’s been a while since Jaded Eyes’ first 7″ Hate was reviewed here and it’s good to see them have a full-length release out eventually.

The hoarse vocals are still there and with energetic hardcore as a platform from which they really soar, we get that “7 Seconds meets VoiVod” blend where in an alternative universe or wacked-out dream, Kevin Seconds gets replaced by Snake.

Stand out tracks include “Fanatics” with that proggy Voivod/HC crossover thing that just works really well, “I Never Want To Die” with its groovy circle pit mayhem with air-skateboard jumping, ah those salad days [sic] were so good, “Who Are You” with that thumping drum intro going into a groovy riff garden that becomes a solid backdrop for the main tune.

The Voivod reference don’t stop there as the a;bum artwork itself was commissioned from none other than drummer Away too.

Miss this at your peril.

Get it here: https://jadedeyes.bandcamp.com

More about Jaded Eyes here: https://www.facebook.com/jadedeyespunk

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