Beat Combo – Five Lost Songs

[Serial Bowl Records]

From the ashes of Pre-Birds rose Beat Combo. Their recent offering already having been reviewed here, leads us to this new, download-only offering.

The 5 tracks presented here were recorded back in 2018, incomplete, with the extra filling added into a lovely package of Sub Pop goodness.

Check out Quotes From Timecop for that instant take-you-back-thirty-years feeling and the laid back yet lovely guitar work on Wrap’s chorus – simply magical.

Adult Life wraps up the quintet and what a rocker it is. Fast but not too fast, it draws you in and rocks you out – screaming guitars and thumping drums beating you senseless.

This and their track-for-a-quid offering also on Serial Bowl’s Bandcamp page should be considered essentially purchases – go get ’em!

Get it here:

Find out more about Beat Combo here:

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