Beat Combo – Kind Regards EP

[Serial Bowl Records]

Hot on the heels of the recent release “Five Lost Songs” comes this one – missing a trick calling it “4 New Songs” and offering it as a double-bundle. Nonetheless, it’s another belter from the Combo.

“Pyro” starts things up on this EP and what a starter – frenetically paced with lovely bass work in evidence here and nice up-tempo – could easily be a set opener if it’s not already.

“Saint Me” comes down a notch tempo-wise in comparison, but is still a stomper of a track.

“Ticking Clock” is up next and with the nice mix of riffing guitars at one point and eerily menacing work the next, it’s a great track that drives a nice earworm into tyou that threatens never to leave.

“It Gets Worse” closes things off and is the longest track here. slowing things down to a relaxing pace and it’s almost 90 seconds before we’re greeted by the distant vocals that overlay very suitably on to of the soundscape that is painted out by the instruments. We’re then treated to the last minute of the songs bringing forth epic chords that wouldn’t go amiss on any doom metal track.

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