Before They Are Hanged – These Times Alone


The blue version of the EP (limited to 50 by all accounts) popped into ABHQ from good old Derbyshire and as promised, it gets a review, seeing as they took the time to post out a physical copy – not the norm nowadays.
After giving this a good listen, it’s something that the likes of Serial Bowl Records could have easily put out, so you know that the style here is something that’s going to be pretty damned popular.
Nice and melodic, the title track kicks in, power chords aplenty, driving it along nicely before building up a crescendo that brings the song to a satisfying conclusion.
‘Story of my Life’ keeps the upbeat tempo going, with a great skate-along vibe, anthemic in its composition.
‘Ground Down’ seethes with vitriol, spat out by vocalist Si, backed up by the rest of the band in punctual retorts.
‘Nowhere Without You’ has a vaguely Green Day feel to it, which for me is no bad thing despite them not being given much airplay by myself nowadays. It’s something that could easily be part of a soundtrack on the likes of the “Burnout” series of games on the Xbox/Playstation. Just a shame it’s over so quickly.
‘DIY’ closes the 5-track EP off, bringing the tempo down a little without letting the power slip at all, with its classic “woah-oh, oh-oh” backing vox which never tires in all honesty.

Well worth a punt if you like your punk powerful and melodic at the same time.

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