TV Drugs – FFO Everything Terrible

Serial Bowl Records

Fresh out of the 2021 release roster from Serial Bowl, comes this surprise package from TV Drugs, blasting out of the starting blocks and hitting you at full speed in record time.

If their sound was a recipe, then it would have a brash mix of someone going into a kitchen cupboard looking for a big jar of Rudimentary Peni but at the same time dropping a bottle of Minor Threat and a pinch of Sanction This sauce into the cooking pot, bubbling away to produce the caustic product that needs to be handled with oven gloves.

Take a listen to the likes of “Medicated”, “Living The Dream” and “Consume” to see what I mean.
Sure, you could say there’s a big Poison Idea vibe going on too… but that despairing cry in the vocals for me is pure Blinko to these ears.

The closer track “The World” is a lovely wall of noise and brings proceedings to a satisfying close with its toe tapping and head-bopping riffage.

A great start to the year and one to blow away and Auld Lang Syne right out into the street.

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