Police Bastard – Dead To The World

Iron Man Records – Compilation

This is a digital-only compilation featuring some of Police Bastard’s earlier efforts from 1998 to 2001 and which Iron Man have collated and released in November 2018.

Featured in this collection are the Cursed Earth EP, their split EP with Unkind, the Gulf War Syndrome EP, tracks from compilations (Action Speaks Louder…Than Words and Brum Scum) as well as 2 previously unreleased tracks.

This is great metal punk/d-beat/whatever-you-care-to-label-it-as, with each track (even the Slayer cover) pummeling the listener with PB’s proprietary aural hammer. The title track of the compilation derived from one the aforementioned unreleased tracks, is a classic example of their craft, as the drilling drum/guitar staccato hits the song’s message home superbly.

With cover art by Lee Dowling, this is a great release and a the knock-down price of five quid, is worht a punt. If you haven’t heard much Police Bastard or want to get something official from them (always support the bands and labels if you can!) then this would be a great starting point and something you won’t regret investing in.

The only downside is that there’s no physical copy available. It’s begging for a decent vinyl release, for sure, if not a CD.

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