Destinazione Finale – In Bilico Nel Reale

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Destinazione Finale, from Tuscany, Italy, follow up their first EP released in the summer with this full-length release.

14 tracks in 18 minutes confirms that this album is not plodding along at all. These are carefully-crafted musical bullets fired at a pace Mr Gattling would be proud of.

The pounding, galloping almost-but-not-quite d-beat of ‘Niente Rimane’ gives way to the slow build-up and into frenzied hardcore attack of ‘Polvere Negli Occhi’. ‘Condotta Sicura’ has a great fast-pace interespersed with a slower mosh-yourself-daft chorus. The fury doesn’t stop, with ‘Nella Cessazione’ battering the listener about the chops before lulling you into a false sense of security with the follow-up ‘Impatto’ going all out shortly after the start and ‘Nel Riflesso’delivering a rabbit-punch while you’re not looking.

‘Appiattimento Emotivo’ is relatively slower-paced, being only just “fast” giving a welcome break before the pace ramps up again with ‘Inesorabile Silenzio’ with its almost Varukers-like quality. ‘In Bilico Nel Reale’ has an intro that is vaguely remisicent of Why-era Discharge, but that’s about it – no Dis-band worship here at all. The hardcore meter goes all the way to 11 with ‘lago di luce’ – proper storming!

That leaves the namesake thirteenth track to come crashing down on you like some drink fuelled stage-diver at a Voivod concert and the album closer ‘Fragile Realtá’ which guides you gently through until the fade out.

All-in-all a great album and once this shit situation is over and done with, DF should really think about coming to the UK to box our ears off: it’ll be worth the wait.

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