This Is Not A Drill – Fight Like A Girl CD

[Self Release]

After the short intro of monologue softly uttered over an acoustic backdrop, the album kicks in with ‘Victimised’, a crunchy, crusty piece. In contrast, ‘Feel So Right To Me’ is more uptempo and dare I say ‘skate core’ in feeling.

Sounding vaguely reminiscent of Police Bastard, the title tracks rips along at a rapid pace, finishing in 90 seconds and leaving you wanting it to continue for that bit longer.

‘That House In England’ appropriately has that nod to street punk that is in-keeping with the title. Twisted Fixation’ is another hardcore/UK82 style song that comes under the 2 minute mar’k with room to spare.

‘Senseless’ picks up the pace, taking the skate-core stance once again with those singalong choruses which are just so catchy with obilgatory wo-oh-oh. ‘Equality’ sits right in the centre of the hardcore motorway and does not deviate – which is not bad thing.

‘Master Race’ – another classic fash quote showing just how dumb they are kicks off the last of the original songs on the album. The album actually finishes with a cover of Irrational Act ‘s ‘Community’ – where you can see clearly the inspiration for TINAD’s style.

The album is a bit of a mix in terms of musical style – crusty grind on one hand and hardcore circle pit style on teh other. That said, it’s a great listen and for £2,50 for the CD what’s not to like, eh? Go grab a copy or go digital download if that’s your thing for 50p cheaper!

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