All The Nines – Love Me I’m Evil CD

Serial Bowl Records


Another fine release from Serial Bowl here – in the shape of All The Nines, meaning 999 I guess, which is already taken by another band.

Ten tracks of back-to-the-nineties fun, starting with the slightly offbeat ;Go, Kill, Survive’ with its minimalistic approach to lyric writing and works well in the context of the song, too.

‘Geography’ has a great, raw, grinding bass sound pumping in a rhythm and together with the drumming lay out a perfect cancvas onto which the guitars are painted gently and finished off with huge splurge of vocals. This is no highly polished Sub Pop wannabe, this is real, primeval and gutteral.

The almost Faith No More overtones of ‘Bastille Day’ is a great example of this, without a doubt and check out the groove on ‘Soft Focus’ – just magical stuff indeed.

‘Home Made Bible’ goes full-on with its nod to all things Seattle-based, whilst ‘I’m Voting For Me’ is another early FNM style of tune – nothing wrong with that as for me the Chuck era was always more entertaining anyway.

‘An Anonymous Free Try’ reminds me of Fugazi in terms of rhythm and has a haunting guitar strumming over the top – class.

For me ‘My Manifesto’ is the standout track. With the technical bass playing thumping out a great beat which tied in with the drums is a real foot tapper.

‘A Brief Metal Breakdown’ is a real balsy number doing what it states in the title and with its machine gun drums in parts tempered with the quiet mid section, just works – it’s as simple as that.

If this lot do singles, then the album closer ‘Askign For A Friend’ could easily be the follow-up to ‘My Manifesto’ – driving rhythms and soaring guitars just have you doing the old head shake while looking at your feet.

Not to be missed, so go get this while you can as if I’m right the stock will go quickly!

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